Matching Last Mile Proppant Logistics to the Task is Central to Structural Cost Reduction in Hydraulic Fracturing BLOG - September 10, 2019

Every wellsite or pad presents challenges to frac sand logistics. Delays delivering the right sand to the blender can have significant repercussions that increase costs, complicate scheduling, and ultimately can affect execution for the frac job.

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Lowering Total Proppant Cost Means Taking Control of the Process BLOG - August 20, 2019

The immense task of moving proppant from the mine to the blender is a significant portion of total frac job cost – a cost that is multiplied by the growing volumes of sand used in each hydraulic fracturing treatment. Controlling costs increasingly demands a comprehensive, integrated approach to the entire proppant logistics process.

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Two Solutions for Reliable Frac Sand Supply BLOG - April 03, 2019

Shale oil and gas production owes its success in large part to small grains of sand – and lots of them. 

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High-Quality Proppant, Advanced Logistics Services Improve Frac Efficiency BLOG - June 29, 2018

From the mine to the blender, Hi-Crush combines every element of the proppant supply process to enhance hydraulic fracturing programs with industry-leading standards of quality, reliability, economics and safety.

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