Integrated Proppant Logistics Service

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Simplify Your Sand Supply

PropStream last mile solution integrates every aspect of frac sand supply management to help reduce your fracturing costs. Our fully integrated supply chain simplifies proppant procurement, eliminating the need for you to manage proppant logistics and securing the high-quality sand you need, all in one efficient process.

Our innovative PropStream solution maintains strict quality control of your proppant from the mine to the blender, while also addressing environmental concerns through significant reduction of particulate matter emissions. We handle the full spectrum of logistics management, from railcar fleet management to truck dispatching and dedicated wellsite operation, structurally reducing costs in the well completion process. Flexibility around our last mile offering delivers the services you need, when you need them.

Let PropStream streamline your proppant supply chain.


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Greater operating efficiency

  • Reduced NPT through redundancy of equipment.
  • Reduced travel distance to wellsite due to strategically located transload facilities.
  • Minimized wellsite congestion as trucks are on and off the wellsite in less than five minutes.
  • Smaller wellsite footprint with compact equipment smaller than pneumatics or bins.

Reduced environmental impact

  • More than 90% silica dust reduction compared to pneumatic and other techniques.
  • Significant noise reduction compared to pneumatic trailers.

Superior accuracy and reliability

  • Highly precise sand delivery into blenders as accuracy of volumes is greater than 99.75%.
  • Consistent quality as sealed system keeps sand dry and smaller containers (vs. silos or other containerized solutions) eliminate the risk of accidental sand mixing and contamination.
  • Increased surety of supply as multiple diverse production locations are complemented by an integrated in-basin terminal network to provide reliable and efficient sand supply of all grades and mesh sizes.
Prop Stream
Hi Crush

PropStream last mile solution helps reduce fracturing costs and environmental impact through a fully flexible service offering.

Minimizing Dust and Silica During Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Exposure Concentration of Respirable Silica vs. OSHA PELHi Crush Propstream Graph

PropStream has a delivery and material handling system, PropBeast™, which significantly reduces dust generation, decreases employee exposure to dust and respirable crystalline silica, and can be operated in a manner which increases operational control and efficiency. The system is a self-contained solution which delivers sand all the way to the blender hopper with only a minimal release of dust as sand enters the hopper. Use of pneumatics for material handling and transfer is completely eliminated, as sand is contained in transportable containers, gravity fed onto an enclosed conveyor and conveyed into the hopper.

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